24 August 2006

IT Digital Structure

The most important cornerstones of a corporation's IT digital structure are:

1. CRM - Customer Relations Management
CRM is a corporate level strategy that encompasses the methodologies that focus on creating and maintaining lasting relations with the customers. The methodologies involve the establishment of a broad based customer-centric policy in the corporation at all verticals including marketing, systems, operations, information management and services.

2. ERP - Enterprise Resource Planning
ERP is a system to integrate all the processes of an organization into a single unified system. By doing this, the system brings in a mechanism of sharing data between verticals through a single setup. For an instance, an ERP software could provide a solution to integrate HR and accounting information into a single system.

3. SCM - Supply Chain Management
SCM is a process of planning and managing supply chain through continuous planning, execution and monitoring of the processes involved right from creation and movement of raw materials through the processes of manufacturing goods till the delivery to end consumers. Apart from management of the proceses, it also involves activities related to co-ordinating between various parties involved viz. distributors, third party vendors etc. SCEM - Supply Chain Event Management is a process of giving due consideration to the activities that could possibly disrupt or disturb the smooth flow of the supply chain.

4. PLM - Product Lifecycle Management
PLM is the methodology of managing product development, right from the stage of its inception through development till delivery. PLM helps in managing time and man power resources, helps reuse of modules between products, reduces wastage and rework.


Rags said...

Dude, If I am not wrong..PLM stands for Product Lifecycle Management!!

primeinteger said...

Thanks for the correction