16 May 2007

On the Judgement Day - by the hour

On the 27th April 2007...

9:00 AM

I entered the office.

Refreshed the homepages of all the IIMs. They still showed up the "Results delayed" information. The Central Government of India had already given a green signal for the results of General and SC/ST categories the night before. The expectations were really high that the results would be declared any moment this day.

Refreshed pagalguy.com. The thread on "Results Delayed" had now reached 131 pages... a whopping 3275 posts! Restlessness among the people who suffered it together was clearly rising.

10:00 AM

Refreshed the IIM homepages.
Refreshed the Pagalguy page.

A resourceful person checked up with the HRD Ministry. News started floating around that the file is in progress and IIMs would be notified in a "short while". Every minute after that felt like a year. Tensions and expectations rose to all time high.

11:00 AM

Refreshed the IIM homepages.
Refreshed the Pagalguy page.

No sign of the results yet! It had been a very painful wait since 12th April. Hopes abound, candidates spent sleepless nights thinking about the results... thinking about their careers... thinking about their dreams... Their dreams had indeed evaporated their dreams!

12:00 noon

Refreshed the IIM homepages.
Refreshed the Pagalguy page.

No results yet! Emotions were high. Most of the candidates, working in some company or the other were trying to keep their tempers under control. It wasn't an easy job for me either.

Then I had a sudden mood swing! I felt very light. I had crossed the maxima of my mental stress. It was a state of bliss. It was an inexplicable state of peace and comfort. I smiled to myself and got on with the daily work. For a few minutes, IIMs were really out of my mind.

1:00 PM

One last refresh on each of the pages. No change. Just that the thread on PagalGuy had now touched 139 pages. I hadn't been able to swallow my food for nearly 15 days. But this day, I ate to my heart's content. Nothing would bother me any more... There was nothing to lose.

1:30 PM

Back to desk.

IIM Calcutta has had the history of being the first to release the results. I gave a shot at their homepage.


The usual link showed up announcing the delay in the results.


Ctrl-R (I use Firefox)

Bang! The link had changed to "PGDM/PGDCM (2007-09) Final Offers". My heart skipped a beat. I rushed to click the link. Came to the familiar page asking for registration details.

Entered the details.

"hpax" - read the letters on the image (used to prevent robots) . I entered it into the text box.


The IIM Calcutta website believes in finishing it before your arteries in the brain blow out with tension.

"Congratulations!!! You have been selected for both PGDM and PGDCM"

The page contained the other details. But well!!!! It was the "C" word that mattered the most!

I almost yelled out. My pulse sore to 140 (yes! I counted it!). I could feel blood gushing through my cheeks. I could feel my hair stand up on my head. I could feel the heat in my ears. I could feel my hands going numb. I could feel the whole body turn cold. I could feel my lachrymatory glands getting ready to do their job of Ganga and Jamuna.

I rushed to a conference room in the office... knelt down and held my stomach... and it happened... I cried! They were tears of joy! They were tears of relief! My heart cried for what my mind had been through. My mind cried for what my heart had gone through.

Now what? Well, mom!

"Amma! I did it! Calcutta!" That was more than enough to see a mother break down, a mother who had seen her son struggle all his way through for the past 15 months. They say mothers feel it more than their sons do! Well, I could feel that when I called her up again after ten minutes and she was still in tears!

Who next? Dad!!!

He was travelling! He could just manage to hear Calcutta! I could almost see him punch the air when he screamed "YESSSSSSSSSSS!!!!" in a moving bus!

Bro next! He was in the college! Unfortunately I could not connect! He got a deferred news from mom later!

Who next? Well, the one friend in the office who had seen me through the 15 day pain. The one to whom I owed quite a lot for having kept me cheerful in the office.

"Latha, can I speak to you for a minute?"

I was almost screaming as I handed over a parchment to her showing a graduation hat!

"It happened finally! I did it! Calcutta!"

Another round of screaming and rejoicing! Now two people doing it!

What a moment! What a moment! What a moment! Never shall this moment be enjoyed better..."

2:30 PM

It took me nearly an hour to cool down. I then mailed my teachers in TIME about the first result. Pat came a reply, "Amazing! Now let's wait for the other two biggies (Bangalore and Ahmedabad)"

Refresh PagalGuy.

Two new threads were open!

K results out!
I results out!

Whoa!!! Kozhikode and Indore are out too!!!!

My hands shivered again as I typed in http://www.iimk.ac.in and http://www.iimidr.ac.in in two different windows.

Ma Kozhikode embraced me with all love and affection a mother would. I was through!!!

Indore site was jammed.

Restless moments once again!

Just then, the most awaited phone call came in. Bro on the other side of the line.

"Anna! Well done!"

"Thank you! Thank you! Just hold on! Indore is opening up!" I was not afraid! I was not afraid of opening the site! I was not afraid of failure any more!

And Indore - the crown of Malwa showered her blessings on me! I was through!!!

"Punit! Indore is through as well! That makes it three selections so far!"

My mobile felt hot in the hand. The battery was crying with hours of talk time all of a sudden. Well, who cares!!!

3:30 PM

Million thanks to PagalGuy once again! A new thread was already up "L results are out too!"


"Congratulations!" once again!

Well! How do you react when you are showered with all joys at the same time? You lose your emotions. I had never been so emotionless before as I was at that moment!

4:30 PM

Queen B! Where are you? I waited for my dream institution to come up with the results.

5:30 PM

Whoever said that best things come after a painful wait was perhaps right. Queen B decided to delay her results further.

6:25 PM

Time to go back home! Where are you, Honourable Queen? And there she was!!! IIM Bangalore declared its results finally!!!


And I was in... just as the Metallica tune started running in my mind... "Nothing else matters..."

End of Day!


lathapriya said...

Oh Yeah!!! Well said Bipin.. That was definitely a great day with lots of accomplishments..I really know how much u aspired for it and how badly u wanted it to happen :)..All the Best!!

Sachi said...

Nice one bips... pretty close to my exp... made me nostalgic... I remember doing the same... no mood to work the whole day... B finally made it icing...it was party time...[:)]

snp said...

cool one...u r a great blogger!! im sure everone can relate with it!!