13 July 2008

Dip... Dip... Dip

"Think outside the box! Have you ever tried something different?" quizzed Tender Plant one day, as we sat at the Yahoo! Cafe gossiping.

"Eeeeeks! Do you really do that? Cream biscuits are supposed to be eaten directly. They are not those normal biscuits you dip in the tea", I screamed!

"Look at this!!!", she dipped a fresh, crisp cream biscuit in her cup of tea and swallowed the weird wheat+cream+tea thingy whole! "Now you try! Come on! Do it!" After a lot of cajoling, I slowly dipped a cream biscuit in my cup of tea and bit through it. I put up a disgusted look on my face... but I must admit that it did not taste bad at all. In fact, it was great!

As months rolled by, there was really nothing left in which I did not dip my cream biscuits- tea, coffee, milk, all fruit juices, hot water, cold water, cough syrup - thanks to the inspiration from the Tender Plant. Perhaps the only thing remaining was alcohol, which I do not drink.

Life moved on and I found myself in a different world at IIM Bangalore. Many "best-practices" of my yodeling days were forgotten over time - this dipping thing being one of them, until last night...

It was around 4AM, as I moved towards the mess to get hold of my last cup of tea for the day. After a three hour long movie, I was hungry as well. I picked up a packet of cream biscuits. As I made my way back to my room, it suddenly struck me that I was carrying an interesting mix of things in my hands... a cup of tea and a pack of cream biscuits!! Well, I smiled as I opened the pack and dipped the first biscuit...

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LathaPriya said...

Ha ha.. Good u r catching up on the craziness.. Well i have reduced my intake of biscuits now a days..But still have'nt left the habit..:D:D..
Wait for some more weird practices!! They r in queue.. he he he