10 February 2009

'Book of 40,000 kms' - It finally begins

Scene 1:

"You can have a thick slab of beef with sauce, or ham sausages, fried in oil, or fresh cut raw meat salad, or just forget about eating"

I raised my eyebrows, "er... vegetarisch?" ('vegetarian' in German)

"Very well, I can give you a pair of sandwich bread slices with two cabbage leaves inside"

"Awesome! Make it three!" (To myself... "finally some food after 3 days!")

Scene 2:

"You can have an assortment of things to drink - beer, vodka, rum, whiskey, gin or any mix of these!!"

I raised my eyebrows, "er... wasser?" ('water' in German)

"I can give you a peg of aerated water! We don't serve plain water!"

"Ah! Okay. Make it two glasses!"

Scene 3:

"You can have many ways of dealing with your experience... chit chat about it here and there, possibly write a few blogs, and yeah, just forget it after that"

I raised my eyebrows, "er... bessere Methode?" ('better method' in German)

"I can suggest you to write a book"

"Ah! Right!"

A once-in-a-lifetime experience, my four month stay in Europe between August and December 2008 saw my feet trudging through 40,000 kilometers of a cocktail of good, bad, beautiful and ugly experiences. And the 'Book of 40,000 kms' is going to talk about exactly this!

My sincere gratitude to the following folks who were a part of this story (for a change, I would write the names in reverse alphabetical order):

Vivek Jain (MDI Gurgaon)

Rajiv (IIM Ahmedabad)

Rajesh Balaji (IIM Ahmedabad)

Deepti I P (IIM Bangalore)

Balaji S (IIM Bangalore)

Balaji S Iyer (IIM Ahmedabad)

Avni Mehta (MDI Gurgaon)

Ashis Kumar (IIM Calcutta)

Ankit Kansal (IIM Lucknow)

Anand Gautam (IIM Bangalore)

I will keep posting updates on the book as the writing work progresses.



Pratiksha said...

So the 'Book of 40,000 kms' starts with a blogspot!!Waiting for more :)


Radhika AR said...

Nice start :) When is the book getting published?